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100% Air Premium Cashmere | T-shirt


T-shirt in Air Premium Cashmere yarn count 2.100, super fine (13/15 micron). Light and lovely (it weighs only 75 grams!), it easily absorbs water and sweat. Perfect for Spring days in the open air!

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Air Cashmere. As light as air.
An extremely fine yarn count 2.100, unique for rarity and preciousness.

Long fiber, white and shiny.
Air Cashmere is made of long fibers, bright and immaculate, with little tendency to pilling formation.

Pure softness, without additives.
No chemical softeners on our Air Cashmere, for an extra soft touch and better resistance.

Elegant in every occasion!
Thanks to its super light structure and its thermoregulation properties, our precious knitwear in Air Cashmere are perfect for every season.

Protection all day long.
Air Cashmere absorbs humidity and sweat, leaving your skin soft and dry. Thanks to its antistatic properties, it repels dust and keeps itself cleaner, for longer.

The model is 177 cm tall and wears size 1.

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1 (S-M), 2 (L-XL)

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