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A box full of precious fashion accessories in Air Cashmere to make your loved ones’ Christmas holly, jolly and super snuggly!
Christmas gift box containing: Stella, 100% cashmere beanie; Iris, 100% cashmere handwarmers; Fiore della Luna, spleep mask; Air Soft Cashmere scarf, size 75×200, available in Onice, Opale di Fuoco, Tormalina or Sodalite.

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You can wash your scarves and pashminas, but please do it carefully by following these steps.
Please, hand wash them in cold water, using only a little bit of detergent, one that is exclusive for wool. Press your scarf gently and avoid twisting it and rubbing it to prevent peeling and felting. Please, do not use any fabric softener and always rinse in cold water. Neither the scarves, nor the pashminas can be treated with bleach and chlorine.
At the end of the wash, spread your scarf or pashmina out on a terrycloth to remove excess water. Let it dry on a horizontal surface and protect it from sunlight and heat sources. Do not tumble dry.
If your scarf or pashmina has been washed and dried correctly, it will not show excessive creases. However, you can iron it at a maximum temperature of +100°C, preferably without steam, and by placing a damp cotton cloth on it.

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