Iris – Grey

100% cashmere | Gloves


Hand warmer in long Carded fiber yarn count 2.26, fluffy and colorful, for all the fans of the 2000’s and for anyone who wants to welcome the colder days with a spark of creativity!

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Have fun anytime!
Our creative and super cool fashion accessories are perfect on the road, in the open-air, downtown or even at home.

Designed for you and for those you love.
All our accessories make perfect gifts for that very special person or for whomever wants to add a touch of color and style to their daily outfits.

Pure softness, without additives.
No chemical softeners on our Air Cashmere, for an extra soft touch and better resistance.

On our labels we recommend dry cleaning: this is the safest way to guarantee a long life to your cashmere garments. You may also want to carefully hand wash your garments in cold water, inside out and using a little bit of detergent, some exclusively for wool. Press the garment gently, avoid twisting and rubbing it to prevent peeling and felting. Please, do not use any fabric softener and always rinse in cold water. The garment cannot be treated with bleach and chlorine.
At the end of the wash, lay your garment on a terrycloth to remove any excess water. Allow the garment to dry on a horizontal plane and protect it from sunlight and heat sources. Do not dry the garment in the dryer.
If your garment has been washed and dried correctly, it will not show excessive creases. However, you can iron your garment from the inside out at a maximum temperature of +100°C, preferably without steam and by placing a damp cotton cloth on it.